Food Trade Fairs in Europe 2012


Trade fairs are an excellent means of promotion, this is why we want to place at your disposal this list of the most important food trade fairs in Europe by month.


Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin

International Green Week. (20-29th of January)

Only trade fair that includes the agriculture and horticulture sector

Madrid Fusion (Madrid, Spain)
(24-26 January) Madrid Convention Centre.
A space dedicated to world gastronomy, which also includes the great chefs of international renown who will surprise their audiences with their very best recipes.

Sapeur (26-29th January) Forlì

Italian gastronomy, particularly traditionally made food and drinks.

ISM (Cologne, Germany)

For specialists in the confectionary sector, worldwide sweets and patisserie trade fair.
(29th January – 1st February)

European Fine Food Fair (Maastricht, Holland)

(30th January – 1st February) Innovations in gastronomy from North-East Europe


Xantar – Orense, Spain

(1-5th February)

Event focussed on Galician gastronomy

Tecnoefood – Padua, Italy

(5-8th February)
Dedicated to food, catering and hotel furnishings

NEF – Dagene (Lillestrom, Norway)

(7-9th February)
Aimed at Norwegian industry, particularly the processing and packaging of food

Fruit Logistica (Berlin, Germany)

(8-10th February)
Novelties in products and technologies which includes fruit and vegetables.  It provides a global perspective of the market.

GolosItalia (Brescia, Italy)

(10-13th February)
European Sandwich & Snack Show
(Paris, France)

(15-16th February)
Innovation and latest trends in sandwiches and snacks made from the best ingredients

Prodexpo (Moscow, Russia)
(13-17th February)
Dedicated to quality food, as well as advanced technology for companies in the sector

Biofach (Nuremberg, Germany)
(15-18th February)
Which brings together products from organic farming

Hospitaliy (Dublin, Ireland)
(20-22nd February)
Dedicated to the catering trade

High Degree Exhibition (Odesa, Ukraine)
(23-25th February)
At international level, the fair specialises in alcoholic drinks.

Fruchtwelt Bodensee (Friedrichshafen, Germany)

(24-26th February)
Presents the latest novelties in the cultivation of fruit

Sapore, Selezione Birra, Beverage & Co (Rimini, Italy)
(25-28th February)

-Selezione Birra is a space dedicated to the most select beers.  At Beverage & Co both wholesalers and distributors come together and Sapore can be defined as a space for the exhibition of an explosion of flavours and new trends.

Sapore, Mia (Rimini, Italy)

MIA is a section of Sapore, specialised in biological products and gluten-free food.

Oro Giallo

Another section dedicated to oil and oil-based products

Mediterranean Seafood Exhibition

Section focussed on the fishing sector: fresh and frozen products and the technologies required for their conservation.

SISAB (Lisbon, Portugal)
(27-29th February)
Brings together leading companies in the food sector.

Salima (Brno, Czech Republic)

(28th Feb. – 2nd March)
For producers and purchasers from the world of food in the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe.

Dedicated to the production of food, as well as the machinery and technologies used in the industry.


Biocultura (Valencia, Spain)

(2-4th March)
For organic food farmers and professionals.

Food Packaging (Istanbul, Turkey)

(1-4th March)
Dedicated to packaging, storage, transportation and distribution.  Professionals the world over come together.

Buonvivere (Le Mose, Italy)

(2-4th March)
Dedicated to the food and wine of Italy.

Food Ingredients ( Istanbul, Turkey)

(1-4th March)
(Paris, France)

(3-7th March)
A trade fair of international scope, dedicated to the patisserie sector.

Salón de Gourmets (Madrid, Spain)

(5-8th March)
Brings together professionals from the culinary world. Event dedicated to quality European gastronomy.

Expofood (Kiev, Ukraine)

(13-15th March)
Event on an international level dedicated to production in the food industry.  It brings together diverse sectors such as the meat, dairy, fish and drinks sectors.  It also includes distribution outlets.

CFIA Rennes (Rennes, France)

(13-15th March)
Trade fair of great prestige, aimed at suppliers in the agri-food sector.

Ingredients Russia (Moscow, Russia)

(13-16th March)
Particularly aimed at exporters and buyers in the food sector, the trade fair keeps you updated on novelties in the ingredients market.

Foire internationale de Lyon (Lyon, France)

(16-26th March)
Food trade fair of international scope

Alles Für Den Gast Wien (Vienna, Austria)

(18-20th March)
Food trade fair aimed at professionals of the food sector, in which new products and trends in food are exhibited.  It is the most important event in the sector in this country.

Agro- Feira Internacional de Agricultura, Pecuária e Alimentaç­ão: la feria (Braga, Portugal)

(22-25th March)
It is an event that brings together professionals from the farming sector, to show them the new trends and technologies within their field of work.

Food & Drink Expo featuring Farm Shop & Deli (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

(25-27th March)
The most important food sector event in the United Kingdom and an opportunity for innovative producers to exhibit their propositions.  Of biennial periodicity and international scope.

Farm Shop and Deli Show (Bimingham, United Kingdom)

(25-27th March)
Trade fair aimed at the managers of gourmet gastronomy.  Like the previous one, its scope is international and it is also held every two years.

Alimentaria Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

(26-29th March)
In the food sector, this trade fair of great prestige is in constant growth.  It is of biennial periodicity and international scope.


Natural and Organic Product Europe (London, United Kingdom)

(1-2nd April)
Trade fair of international scope and a meeting place for distributors interested in organic and healthy food.

Food Expo Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

(4-6th April)
This international trade fair keeps you updated on the latest palpable trends in the food sector.  It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for all companies in this industry to consolidate their position in the market.

Expohostel – Food (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain)

(16-19th April)
It is a benchmark event in the hotel and catering industry in the Canary Islands.  The hall exhibits the latest novelties in the sector, in food and drinks, as well as machinery and equipment.

Expovital (Madrid, Spain)

(20-22nd April)
Biennial event dedicated to organic and healthy food.  It is where food and beauty merge.

European Seafood Exposition (Brussels, Belgium)

(24-26th April)
Event that brings together buyers and distributors of shellfish at international level.

Gastronord (Stockholm, Sweden)

(24-27th April)
An important event for the food industry in the Nordic countries.

Vinorus.Vinotech (Krasnodar, Russia)

(25-27th April)
International trade fair aimed at the wine industry.


CIBUS (Parma, Italy)

(7-10th May)
International exhibition which brings together important brands in the food industry.

Caffè culture (London, United Kingdom)

(16-17th May)
Important trade fair aimed at promoting growth in the coffee market and exhibiting the latest novelties.

BTA (Barcelona, Spain)
(15-16th May)
Exhibition for food technology, which makes it the most important event in Europe for a specific sector.

London International Wine Fair (London, United Kingdom)

(22-24th May)
Most important event in the world, together with DISTIL, aimed at the alcoholic drinks industry.

Distil (London, United Kingdom)

It takes place on the same date as the previous event, as they are held jointly.


BBC Good Food Show Summer (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

(13-17th June)
Producers and retailers exhibit their products in this space, which also plays host to the most prestigious chefs.


Speciality & Fine Food Fair (London, United Kingdom)

(2-4th September)
International trade fair aimed, particularly, at the most select culinary propositions.

GIDA 2012 (Istanbul, Turkey)

(6-9th September)
Annual trade fair of international scope, representing a key event for food and drink and the technologies employed in its production.

World Food Moscow (Moscow, Russia)

(17-20th September)
Unmissable date for food and drinks professionals.  It is a great international event which is held every year.

Foccus Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)

(8-10th October)
Event of national scope for the food, catering and gastronomy sectors.

Seafood (Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain)

(15-17th October)
International level event which brings together every year both wholesellers and retailers trading in fish and shellfish.

SIAL (Roissy, France)

(21-25th October)
International trade fair which represents the most important event in the agri-food sector and brings together the professionals of this industry every two years.

Interfood Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk, Russia)

(30th October – 2nd November)
International trade fair which exhibits a wide range of products from the food sector, as well as technologies and equipment for its processing.  It undoubtedly represents the biggest exhibition of food in the Region of Siberia.

World Food Ukraine ( Kiev, Ukraine)

(31st October – 2nd November)
International event which year after year brings together wholesalers and retailers of the food sector.


Hi Europe (Frankfurt, Germany)

(13-15th November)

International event which takes place every two years, aimed at the healthy food industry.

Vinitech (Bordeaux, France)

(27-29th November)
International forum for the wine, fruit and vegetable sectors.  It attracts professionals from these industries every two years.

Food and Life 2012 (Munich, Germany)

(28th November – 2nd December)
Meeting place for food and drink professionals.  It represents an important event which showcases a wide variety of gastronomic products: from meat and sausages to delicatessen products, without forgetting vegetarians

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